How to watch movies: the action perspective

Peabody-ShermanWe watch movies, but movies act on us.

They are also multi-dimensional. One could liken or compare The Artist to a portrait, a novel or a symphony. Maybe all rolled up into one huge art and cultural alloy. Continue reading →

How to use NLP in writing (make money, and live the life you want)

NLP for writersHere is a little secret about great copywriting known only to a few and that I am now going to reveal to you. It is how the best copywriters (on Madison Avenue) work, make loads of money and live their dream life. As you read this, I am sure you are now eager to know more. They do it by simply using such things as embedded codes and meta frames.

If you think you couldn’t match up to their skills, that it would take years of training, and is next to impossible, read this article to know how following these methods can give your writing a cutting edge, and ring your cash registers.

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A technique for writing clear, logical paragraphs

A valuable skill I learned during my college days was how to structure an essay, and write paragraphs. It may sound simple, but isn’t so for students with English as a second language. Even native speakers, if they haven’t devotedly read Strunk and White, would feel as if they had been asked to climb an insurmountable cliff.

College students usually go wrong with this aspect of writing. It’s easy to learn, and here is a simple trick on how to write a clean paragraph, whether the writing is academic or corporate and business communication. Continue reading →

A simple press release structure

Writing a press release might be the second most boring work in the world (next to watching the 4th edition of Terminator). Here is how to neatly structure all information to create a simple press or media release structure that is reader friendly and easy to follow. Continue reading →

Simple writing is hardest to ignore

Men of few words are the best men. – William Shakespeare

Some people are good talkers. They are also good at explaining things. Ask them and they will give you the background, the grounds-up view of things, and break down complex technologies and processes to reveal their inside significance. Ask them to write it down, and it may appear something out of the world for them to be asked to do so. That is just fine. Continue reading →

A good whitepaper

Whitepapers are hard to write, and even harder to read. But I really got engrossed with this one:

The language is terrific, easy to follow, fun to read, and carries loads of insights, easy encapsulation and structuring. The headlines add their weight as well.

Either we should write like this, or not write that whitepaper at all.



Customized content, or writing you can pick and use?

Custom content writingHere is a question that’s been at the back of my mind for sometime. Can content or writing be offered as packaged, templated, or automated in some way, so that customers can pick up the write-up they want and use it right away, with some little tweaks?

Ever seen a grocery website that says – we sell processed food, write to sales for more information? We wouldn’t really know what they sell. But we do know, or at least have a vague idea of, what we want. So as customers we want to see the actual product, go over choices, and take our pick. And that’s how it is done. Continue reading →